quinta-feira, 8 de abril de 2010

Today's finds - Geologist in me

So yeah. I'm completely in love with Mining Engineering now.
When I started I though all those people were crazy, a lot of Math going on, few few Geology for me, but then.. It grew on me. No, I'll never stop being a Geologist though. I have a big rock on my heart and I mean this in a Geology kind of way.

Pois é. Estou completamente apaixonada pela Engenharia de Minas agora. Quando comecei achei que aquela gente era toda maluca, bando de freaks da Matemática e pouca pouca geologia para o meu gosto. Mas depois... cresceu em mim. E não, nunca vou deixar de ser Geóloga, tenho uma rocha gigante no coração e digo isto no sentido geológico, claro.

Today's finds are inspired by my two passions: Mining Engineering and Geology!

Os achados do dia são inspirados nas minhas duas paixões: Engenharia de Minas e Geologia!

Minerals T-shirt, by nonfictiontees
I really want one of these!

Sphaerocobaltite necklace, from Jealousydesigns
She makes wonderful jewelry using gorgeous crystals

It's pi pin, by beanforest
So funny. At least the geek in me thinks so.

Serpentine Ring, by Masaaoms
I love her jewelry!

Vintage Card from a Coal Mine, by vintagehomerecycled

4 comentários:

gr8jewellery disse...

Wonderful finds, I like the Pi pin too! :)

Arctida disse...

Great finds, Nanouke! I looove the Pi pin! It made the geek inside me smile :)

kraplap disse...

great pics Ana ! That old print is awesome, and I love that T-shirt, and all those rock jewels !

ingermaaike disse...

Such a fun theme and collection!