sexta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2008


Esta 2ª-feira começou uma nova etapa da minha vida.
Voltei à escola, desta vez ao IST, para tirar o Mestrado em Engenharia Geológica e de Minas.
A trabalhar de manhã e a ter aulas à tarde, com 60 km entre uma coisa e outra, não me vai deixar muito tempo para seja o que for...
Mas vai correr tudo bem, de certeza.

This Monday a new phase in my life has begun.
I'm back to school, this time to IST, to take my Masters in Mining and Geological Engineering.
Working in the mornings and having classes in the afternoons, with 60 km between both places, isn't going to leave me with much time for anything else...

But I'm sure everything will be fine!

Mas esta semana ainda tive tempo para fazer a minha peça para o desafio da semana da European Street Team da Etsy.
A chefe do desafio é a JKphotography que escolheu o tema Minimalismo.
Fiz este anel simples, prateado, muito elgante.
Visitem o blog dela para verem as outras peças.

But this week I still had time to make my entry for this week Challenge of the Week of European Street Team, hosted by JKphotography.
She picked minimalism as a theme, and I made this simple, silver ring, that I find is quite elegant.
Check her blog for other entries!

6 comentários:

Star of the East disse...

Good luck during these hectic days, you made a gorgeous challenge entry!

Maria João Rebelo disse...

Olá Ana, bom dia!
És a minha heroina!! Grande mulher com coragem para enfrentar esse desafio!! Com certeza que vais ter sucesso e um ano passa num instante!
Lindo anel!! Tenho mesmo que voltar às lides!!! Voe mandar mensagem no etsy!
Beijinhos. Maria João.

ingermaaike disse...

Yes your days will be jampacked, but fun too. Learning new things is a great way to spend time!

jealousydesign disse...

I love that ring!
And I hope you will get some time to make new lovely items. And good luck in school :)

Carol Dean disse...

One of the best times of my life was when I was in graduate school (20 years ago...getting old!). I was a full-time student and three part-time jobs and a social life. I don't know how I did it; I only know that it was FANTASTIC! I wish you the same :D

The ring is lovely!

ArtMind disse...

Nanouke, I love this entry! Very clever!
Goodluck on starting your studies! You're on your way to become the cleverest (is that a word?) of the EST! :)