segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2011

Complete Look With Nanouke

It has been a long time since the last post from this series!

For today's complete look, I picked these earrings from my shop. I love this wire color, my all time favorite!

Já passou algum tempo desde a última vez que partilhei o look completo! Desta vez escolhi estes brincos da minha loja, adoro esta cor, é o meu arame preferido de todos os tempos!

Da esquerda para a direita e de cima para baixo:
From left to right, bottom down:

1 - Fleur's Sweetheart Dress, from Nadinoo, $205
2 - Ladybird's Bracelet, from sisicata, $50
3 - Vintage Golden Leaf Barrete, from sproutstudio, $11
4 - Soft Gold Circle Earrings, from nanouke, $17

Hope you like it! | Espero que gostem!


Last year I had trouble thinking about anything that wasn't thesis. I'm quite an anxious person, I have to admit it, and I started panicking on September.
So I began to read on every free tiny bit of spare time I had: before sleeping, on the bus, on the subway, everywhere.
I read 12 books on one month.

I have learn that reading really clears my mind from the things that worry me.
So now that I start feeling a little bit stressed again, I picked up reading.

This is the book I'm reading now. In the English version, a friend lend it to me. I have to say I'm absolutely loving it.

It has 728 pages (that should take me a while) and I'm still on chapter 12, but it ends like this (I'm the kind of person that reads the last sentence of a book before starting it).

"Let everyone know, I lived a very happy life"

What are you reading?

And since this blog, lately, is about everything except crafting (lol), I have to share with you that this weekend another one of my treasuries ended up on Etsy FP. Yay!
Happy week everyone!

terça-feira, 22 de março de 2011

Once a Year...

Every year, on the first day of Spring, I send an email to a very particular list I have on my Gmail account, wishing everyone a Happy Spring.
I call it the "Anual Mail".
I don't like Christmas very much, not a religious person, I hate when it's my birthday, so I have Spring to celebrate.
I've been sending this email for a long long time. Even when the list had about 10 people, because almost anyone had email.

Once you get on that list, you'll get the email every year.
Two years ago I removed a person from that list, because we're not friends anymore.
Last year I removed another because she passed away.
This year... I had to remove another one.
But you know what?
I always add at least 5 or 6 more to that list every year.
Some go, but a lot of new friends come in.
And that's a good thing.

So, Happy Spring! I hope you enjoy it, I know I will :)

segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

And the Winner is.... | E o vencedor é...

Happy Spring everyone!
As I promised you, I wanted to celebrate this day (my favorite day) with a giveaway! $20 gift check on my shop plus free shipping!

Thank you all that answered the survey, I'll be giving you the results soon!
Also, I'm offering a 20% discount to all of you that took the time participating! You'll be getting an email soon.

Well, let's get to the winner, shall we?
I added your emails to a list, with a number.
Then I went to random numbers generator and got one.

Congrats turmalina2! (I actually know her personally, so congrats Raquel!)

Feliz Primavera a todos!
Como vos prometi, queria celebrar este dia com uma prendinha: um cheque prenda na minha loja, no valor de 20 dólares, com portes grátis!

Obrigada a todas que responderam ao inquérito, vou mostrar-vos os resultados do mesmo em breve!
E vou oferecer-vos 20% de desconto na minha loja como recompensa pelo tempo perdido! Vão receber um email em breve :)

Bom, passemos ao vencedor, sim?
Adicionei os vossos emails a uma tabela, e atribui-vos um número.
Depois, fui ao Random Nunbers Generator e gerei um número aleatório.

Parabéns turmalina2! Por acaso até é uma conhecida, por isso.. Parabéns Raquel!!

segunda-feira, 14 de março de 2011


This song reminds me of Kerrin!

And her kiddies too.

I went to find it on youtube since last night I started to think a lot about changes.

Spring Cleaning.

I have the need to change a lot of things in my life.
But since this is a blog about crafting and knitting with wire, I feel my shop needs a new face.
Don't know what yet. Maybe new items, maybe new materials.
I have to think about that.

quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2011

Things to be grateful for

Good Company, print by lorandherworld

After all the fun, excitement, no sleeping and dancing all night from Carnaval, I find myself loving silence for just a little while.
I found out that I have a lot of things to be grateful for.
Friendship, love, work.
Spring that is coming.
I feel that things are going to be OK.
And I'm grateful.

Have a great day, have a great life. It's too short to be unhappy. Remember that.

quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2011


(Scroll down to read in English)

Está aí a chegar a minha altura favorita do ano! A Primavera!
E para a celebrar, decidi fazer um giveaway!!!!

Estou a oferecer um cheque prenda, no valor de 20 dólares (USA), que podem usar para comprar o que quiserem da minha loja Etsy! E com portes gratuitos incluidos! *confetis*

Tudo o que têm de fazer é responder a 6 perguntinhas que estão neste questionário :)

Clicar aqui para o Questionário em Português!


Photo from JKphotography (click on the image buy this print)

Soon enough my favorite season of all times is going to begin! SPRING!!!

This year, to celebrate Spring, I decided to have a giveaway! *throws confetis*

A $20 (US) gift code to my etsy shop, so you can buy whatever you want with it, with... FREE WORLWIDE SHIPPING! Hurray!

All you have to do is answer 6 questions on this survey I created:

Click here to take the Survey in English


quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2011


It has been like this the whole week.

(view from my office)

Just sayin'

terça-feira, 1 de março de 2011


*silence (in Portuguese)

I am with a very bad mood today. No point on ranting, because nothing serious is going on, but I'm just upset (you know those days you just hate people?).

I came back from lunch and eating did help a bit, but not enough. My head hurts, I have something I have to finish today (so I'm going back to it after I finish writing this post), and I selected a very special playlist I like to call "silêncio". Mostly classical music. It relaxes me. Right now I'm hearing Adagio G minor, that according to the guy that uploaded it in youtube: "The Adagio in G minor for violin, strings and organ continuo, is a neo-Baroque composition popularly attributed to the 18th century Venetian master Tomaso Albinoni, but in fact composed almost entirely by the 20th century musicologist and Albinoni biographer Remo Giazotto."
This music makes me want to cry, it's so beautiful.

I also took pictures from a necklace I made a while ago.
It's white.
And silent.