terça-feira, 30 de março de 2010

Help me name this! GIVEAWAY :)

I was going to list these earrings, but when I got to the tittle part I blanked.
What should I name these? Any thoughts?

Ia agora listar estes brincos na Etsy, mas quando cheguei ao título, bloqueei. Que raio de nome lhes hei-de dar? Alguém tem sugestões? (pode ser em Português que eu traduzo, mas preferia em Inglês)

Here they are:
Aqui estão:

They're hand knitted with green copper wire and sapped as a disc.

São feitos com "contas" tricotadas à mão com arame verde e depois é-lhes dada a forma de um disco.

Leave a comment with your suggestion, if I like it and use it, you'll be getting a free pair of these earrings on the color of your choice!

Deixe um comentário neste post com a sua sugestão, se eu gostar e o usar, receberá um par de brincos deste género numa cor à sua escolha!

You have until Friday to participate :)
Têm até sexta-feira para participar!

segunda-feira, 29 de março de 2010

Complete Look With Nanouke

Hi! Welcome to my new feature!
From now on, once a week, I'll be showing you some ideas of complete looks with nanouke jewelry!
Today, I'm showing you an option, using this bracelet as a reference.

Olá! Bem-vindos à minha nova feature! A partir de agora e semanalmente, vou sugerir ideias para looks completos usando bijuteria nanouke! Hoje mostro-vos uma opção, usando esta pulseira como referência.

From the top down, left to right:
De cima para baixo e da esquerda para a direita:

1 - White Pearl Earrings - from Donauluft, $146
2 - Lace Elastic Band - from lamarquisedesanges, $16
3 - Petit Cressier Bag in Vanilla Cream - by iragranteco, $65
4 - Vintage Peep Toe Yellow Pumps - by marionkc, $39
5 - Lemonade Round Bracelet - by nanouke, $28
6 - Fairytale Yellow Dress - by GinaMichelleVintage, $68

Great look for Spring :)

domingo, 28 de março de 2010

Jewelry Displays

So.. the craft fair is coming up next Saturday and I decided, since I have the time, to make some jewelry displays to show off my new pieces.
Mitsy, from ArtMind, published this awesome tutorial about price tags and I love her display for the necklaces and the earrings, so I'm going to make one like hers to put my earrings.
I used the one in the picture below before, but now I think I need something lighter and more "clean" and Mitsy's display seems perfect.

In the back you can see the earring display I've been using

But I need something to show off my rings and necklaces. Do you have any ideas?

Planeei fazer o expositor que a Mitsy publicou no seu blog, para colocar os meus brincos para a feira da próxima semana. O que usava dantes podem ver na fotografia em cima.
Mas queria ideias para mostrar os meus anéis e colares, alguém tem? :)

sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010

The Craft Fair.

Last year, I told EVERYONE I was done with craft fairs for this year.
Let me explain.
It all starts in April, on the first Saturday of every month, there's a local craft fair where I live. It's from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Yup. 10 hours.
Then, I have another one in the middle of April, for a whole weekend. Yes, 3 craft fairs in a month.
In the Summer, I have another one, the Summer Craft Fair, EVERY Saturday, from 5 p.m. to midnight. Yes, midnight.

The monthly craft fair ends in October, and then the CHRISTMAS fair begins, from the end of November until Christmas Eve. 3 times a week. Yes. Sometimes more.
If you remind yourself that I spent the last year working and studying and not sleeping very much, adding all these craft fairs to the equation was TOO MUCH. I ended up feeling that it wasn't fun anymore. And I used to love craft fairs so much!
I was done, that's it, no more craft fairs for me for a YEAR!
One of my crafty fairy friends told me: you ALWAYS say that and you end up coming anyway.
I told her NO NO, this time I'm not coming back, I'm giving away my stand at the monthly craft fair. And the months passed and I didn't. Kept delaying the call.
Guess what?
The stupid craft fair begins next week. And I'm going.
And I can't wait :)

You saw that coming, didn't you?

terça-feira, 23 de março de 2010

Today's finds - Euro Week

Yay! It's Euro Week on Etsy. It's OUR WEEK. Woo hoo!
To celebrate it, today's finds are Euro finds :)

Beautiful photograph by felicitycrew

Gorgeous Bear felted ring, by Glasfaden

These amazing sea urchin/Jellyfish earrings, by staroftheeast

Magical beaded, with delica beads. So elegant! By dicopebisuteria

domingo, 21 de março de 2010

Next Stop: 100

Antes de mais, queria dizer-vos que não penso voltar a escrever em Português. E gostaria de saber o que vocês, os meus leitores Portugueses, pensam disto. Sei que a maioria de nós entende perfeitamente o inglês, mas quero saber se estão de acordo.

First of all, I want to tell you that I no longer am writing my posts in Portuguese. I really want to know what you, my Portuguese readers, think about this. Most of us understand English very well, but I want to know if this OK with you.

Moving on, I'm about to reach the #100 sale at my etsy shop! Yay!!! How cool is that? Thank you, thank you so much for all of you that made this possible. My wonderful buyers :)
Soooooo, to mark this milestone I'm offering a very special gift to you! Every purchase on my etsy shop until I reach the #100 sale is getting a free gift, something made by me that I have not listed!!!
#98 - A pair of earrings
#99 - A ring
#100 - A very special surprise and I wont tell you what it is!

Go ahead and SHOP SHOP SHOP!

domingo, 14 de março de 2010

What's this? A blog post?

I'm so ashamed I haven't blogged since.. well. I don't even want to mention that.
But I do have good reasons for that, and it wasn't alllll laziness, no it wasn't.
As you should know, since I told you about that here when I started, I ended up taking my Masters degree almost 2 years ago, and guess what? I've been extra busy with classes, work, and tons and tons of papers! And..... now I'm almost done with it, one course and my thesis and I'm done!
In the meantime, I'm between jobs (not working), so these past two weeks I've been crafting like I was really needing it for a long time.
That means that I've been updating my shop, go take a look.
I've been so inspired by Spring, as you can see:

Oh, but I have a Facebook fanpage too! Go and become a FAN, this ultra mega cool fan.