domingo, 28 de março de 2010

Jewelry Displays

So.. the craft fair is coming up next Saturday and I decided, since I have the time, to make some jewelry displays to show off my new pieces.
Mitsy, from ArtMind, published this awesome tutorial about price tags and I love her display for the necklaces and the earrings, so I'm going to make one like hers to put my earrings.
I used the one in the picture below before, but now I think I need something lighter and more "clean" and Mitsy's display seems perfect.

In the back you can see the earring display I've been using

But I need something to show off my rings and necklaces. Do you have any ideas?

Planeei fazer o expositor que a Mitsy publicou no seu blog, para colocar os meus brincos para a feira da próxima semana. O que usava dantes podem ver na fotografia em cima.
Mas queria ideias para mostrar os meus anéis e colares, alguém tem? :)

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Omnia disse...

Hmmm... If you're going to use the white display stand that was in the tutorial, could you add a strip of white material or elastic pulled tightly across to put the rings on? You could thread them on it, spaced apart, then attach it at the other end... Or something?! I'm not very good at this!! Hehe ;)

kraplap disse...

Ana, I am still struggling myself with the rings and necklaces. But I remember that dinafragola had great necklace busts made herself.

ingermaaike disse...

I think omnia could make you a sublime wire tree for you rings and necklaces...

Or I woulkd find some branchy driftwood and make that into a display.

ArtMind disse...

Glad you loved my display, Nanouke and I agree that something lighter makes your table lighten up. For my rings, I just used a wooden crate and displayed them on there.. They burst of colors so that attracted people to look.
For earrings, I saw yesterday on a fair that someone had use a picture frame and added wire to the back and the you could hang the earrings in the wire. It looke handy.

antigoni disse...
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antigoni disse...

Hi Nanouke :)
check at Tina's blog, you may find a cool idea..

about the earrings tutorial, I hope we finish soon with my mother's inlaw accident ( etc)thinga are a little difficult.. and I'll make one. Thank you :)))