domingo, 21 de março de 2010

Next Stop: 100

Antes de mais, queria dizer-vos que não penso voltar a escrever em Português. E gostaria de saber o que vocês, os meus leitores Portugueses, pensam disto. Sei que a maioria de nós entende perfeitamente o inglês, mas quero saber se estão de acordo.

First of all, I want to tell you that I no longer am writing my posts in Portuguese. I really want to know what you, my Portuguese readers, think about this. Most of us understand English very well, but I want to know if this OK with you.

Moving on, I'm about to reach the #100 sale at my etsy shop! Yay!!! How cool is that? Thank you, thank you so much for all of you that made this possible. My wonderful buyers :)
Soooooo, to mark this milestone I'm offering a very special gift to you! Every purchase on my etsy shop until I reach the #100 sale is getting a free gift, something made by me that I have not listed!!!
#98 - A pair of earrings
#99 - A ring
#100 - A very special surprise and I wont tell you what it is!

Go ahead and SHOP SHOP SHOP!

3 comentários:

Michelle disse...

Fantastic offer!!!

ingermaaike disse...

With such a wonderful offer you are bound to reach nr 100 real fast!

JK disse...

Yeah, for your hundredst sale, may it come soon!