quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2012

Better Photos - Using a Live Model

This is a continuation for the last post I wrote on this subject.
I found some new inspiring photos I want to show you! This time, rings only.
Rings are not that hard to model, if you have pretty hands! I find these beautiful!

 From katrinshine

From JustColor

I have been trying to enhance my photos, and tried this bracelet with a live model:

Will keep trying harder and harder until I get good results! Until then, I'll be updating you :)

sábado, 12 de maio de 2012

Shop Makeover

New challenge: to improve my photos, my facebook page, my blog design, my shop (descriptions, etc.).

Have you noticed?

New avatar, new clean look on my facebook page, and I tried to take better pictures using a live model, but it was just a test:

Novo desafio: melhorar as minhas fotografias, a minha página do facebook, o design deste blog, a minha loja (melhores descrições, etc.).

Já deram conta? 

Novo avatar, um look mais fresco e limpo na página do facebook, e até tentei tirar umas fotos com modelo para experimentar:

The necklace is this one.
O colar é este.

There's still much to do, of course. But I'm getting there. And I'll keep you posted! Next stop: SEO!
Ainda há muito que fazer. Mas hei-de chegar lá devagarinho, e vou-vos dando notícias! Próximo passo, SEO!

quarta-feira, 9 de maio de 2012

Better Photos - Using a model

So I'm on a roll to enhance my photos at my etsy shop!

One of the things I have to do, is taking better pictures with a live model. One the feels I want to achieve is the urban coolness, something casual and fun.

Went trough some of the best selling jewelry artists on etsy for inspiration. If they're top sellers on this category I'm in, they must be doing something right, right? Well, funny thing. A lot of them don't use a live model! Makes me wonder if I'm going on the right direction... I still think so.

So here's some examples:

 From dangsworld, a very romantic and smart way to showcase a ring.

ItsAllAboutThePrint doesn't use a live model, but I like the feeling on this one.

These photos, from shlomitofirlook so professional! I think this is the closest with what I'm looking for. Amazing!
 On another note, I found that most of the top sellers of jewelry on etsy have customized jewelry, that engraved stuff. And... all of them have more than 100 items listed! WOW! How can they do it? Selling that much and still be able to have a shop full? Amazing...

I have some ideas already, now I just need a pretty model!

terça-feira, 8 de maio de 2012

Better Photos - Using a reflective card

Today, in a discussion between members of the Etsy PTteam, someone pointed out this useful idea, a reflective card, and showed me this tutorial.

I couldn't wait to come home and try it out! I just didn't use the trace paper, because I don't have any.

So, here's the reflective card I made, like the instructions:

Took a picture to this brooch using only natural light, for comparison:

 Using the reflective card, in the angle that showed more light:

Using the card closer to the piece:

And finally, no card, changing the exposure in my camera:

None of these photos were edited!
I don't think the reflective card made any difference... At least with this monitor (I'm using a Eee PC, has a very tiny screen) I don't think the changes that the card made are that good.
I was a little disappointed, to tell you the truth. Maybe I should try with a different background (white) and maybe in days with less natural light (today is sunny) the card is more helpful. The trace paper should also make some difference, to diffuse the light.
The best photo for me, is the one I took adjusting the exposure of my camera.

What do you think?

sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2012


Não resisti...

Couldn't resist...

Have a fluffy weekend!

quinta-feira, 3 de maio de 2012

Promoção Especial Dia da Mãe

O dia da Mãe é já este Domingo que se aproxima, e para o celebrar, como já o fiz em anos anteriores, decidi oferecer uma Mega promoção de 30% de desconto na minha loja!

Se quiserem comprar directamente na Etsy é só adicionar o código MAEDIA aquando do checkout. Senão, podem mandar mail com o pedido para nanoukedesigns at yahoo.com!

Aproveitem para oferecer à Mãe, ou para oferecerem a vocês próprias! Válido apenas para residentes em Portugal até dia 06.05.2012!