quinta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2011

Dress Me Up Scotty

This *clever* title just reminds me, I'm all finished with Battlestar Galactica. Yup, watched the entire 4 seasons in 2 months. Maybe that's were my time has been...

This was just a quick geek note.

I really wanted to tell you about dresses. Today I woke up to another glorious sunny day! I can feel the Spring coming and I'm so excited by it, I even though of buying peep toe shoes today (I spotted an amazing pair on a window while getting to work).
It's still cold, no way 'm going to wear peep toe shoes until maybe May. But a girl dreams!

I'm really interested on dresses lately. I realized that now that I don't work at a factory, I actually can come to work in a dress!

I've been lurking on these lately:

This one looks so light and feminine!
Dress or Tunic in Linen, by isabelamyo, $135

Two dresses from Nadinoo, they have this vintage look on them. I love both!
The pink one is $205 and the blue one is $220.

Another etsy seller that has been taunting me is Cristina Pires.
Love these two casual dresses from her:
True Colors Dress - Grey, Yellow and White, €100
Eva Dress, €90

But this one is just stunning:

A Cygnus dress! How clever! €100

I'm not a big fan of long dresses, but this one I'd wear:

Wishful Organic Cotton Maxi Dress, by GinaMicheleEco, $89

Now I just wished my bank account would follow my dress needs. *sigh*

quarta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2011


Stats are very cool and useful, but you need to look at the numbers with a critical eye.

I found this video, via Etsy, with some input about the use of Google Analytics (which I use, for both my shop and this AMAZING blog). I watched the video and looked at my stats at the same time. It was very interesting. I didn't know what Bounce Rate was, and now not only do I know, but I found this to be very useful information.
If you use Google Analytics (GA) (or if you don't, but have a blog), you should watch this video:

One of the most interesting things on GA is the keywords thing. How do people get to my shop/blog through search engines? Sometimes I get really weird stuff and sometimes funny.
Now I remember a post by uncorked and I'll have to google it to give you the link because it was so funny.

(and now I'm really mad because I can't find it anywhere and Cat has gone on vacations, so I can't ask her, but I will and I'll show you that post, because I remember laughing so hard)

Well, one of the most interesting things is that most of my top search keywords are in fact, in.. Portuguese. So this is making me think that I should be writing more often in Portuguese, but actually, most of these people that get here because they typed "tricotar à mão" (hand knitting) or "tricot" (knitting) have a very high percentage of Bounce Rate. Meaning, they get to my blog and immediatelly leave (i'm guessing someone looking for a hat pattern in Portuguese and getting here and seeing all this weird wire, THIS ISN'T KNITTING they say, but it is!)

Se chegou aqui porque procurava no google "tricotar à mão", os meus trabalhos, são de facto, em tricot!

(if you got here because you typed "hand knitting" on google, my work is in fact knitted!)

Some of my visitors got here because they typed thesis. Poor guys. I feel for you.

But there's a weird thing that has been happening since I started using GA (2 years ago? I can't remember).
Almost every month someone gets here by searching for "pulseira pele cobra" (snake skin bracelet).
EEEeeeewwww! Who wants a snake skin bracelet?

terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

Time Black Hole

I kept telling myself, during the thesis months (specially on the last couple of months when I bred, ate and slept thesis), that when the damn thing was over I would have a lot of free time to do a lot of amazing things.
I even used to daydream about those glorious days of knitting, watching TV, having a life.. Planned on exercise more, even take ceramic lessons, or dancing lessons! Oh I would be so happy and creative and fluffy at all times!

Then it was over. I wrote it, I printed it, I delivered it to my advisor, I edited, I reprinted it, I delivered it to the jury, I made the presentation, I defended it, I reprinted it again, I wrote an article, I was done.

Making the presentation at late hours

2 months have passed and I can't tell you where that extra time has gone. I can't find it.

I think there's a time black hole in my life.

Even so, I've been knitting. My Circle Earrings are back on my shop.

A new wire color I bought a while ago, soft gold. I looooooove it.

sexta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2011

Green Spring

I have been irritated, moody and grumpy for the last whole week.
I spent last weekend in bed/sofa with the flu and I don't feel quite well yet. I am a terrible sick person. I have no patience.

In the meantime, I miss Spring. So much. It almost hurts. We have been having these sometimes sunny days (still cold, but sunny), with this insincere sun :(

And I've been cooked up in an office.

Since I miss Spring so much, I took some photos today of green items! Enjoy!

quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011


A quick note to let you know that Ruby Clover is hosting a nanouke giveaway!
You get the chance of winning a ring and to learn a wee bit about me :)

Uma visita de médico para vos dizer que a Ruby Clover está a fazer um giveaway nanouke!
Têm a oportunidade de poder ganhar um anel nanouke e também de conhecer-me um bocadinho melhor :)


These fabulous earrings are from her shop
Estes brincos são da sua loja online