terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

Time Black Hole

I kept telling myself, during the thesis months (specially on the last couple of months when I bred, ate and slept thesis), that when the damn thing was over I would have a lot of free time to do a lot of amazing things.
I even used to daydream about those glorious days of knitting, watching TV, having a life.. Planned on exercise more, even take ceramic lessons, or dancing lessons! Oh I would be so happy and creative and fluffy at all times!

Then it was over. I wrote it, I printed it, I delivered it to my advisor, I edited, I reprinted it, I delivered it to the jury, I made the presentation, I defended it, I reprinted it again, I wrote an article, I was done.

Making the presentation at late hours

2 months have passed and I can't tell you where that extra time has gone. I can't find it.

I think there's a time black hole in my life.

Even so, I've been knitting. My Circle Earrings are back on my shop.

A new wire color I bought a while ago, soft gold. I looooooove it.

7 comentários:

ira disse...

I think the time stuck with your gorgeous earrings nanouke and will ready to be use again anytime you want:)

Star of the East disse...

aaaa the mystery of time *sigh*

p.s. lovely earrings!

DemyBlackDesign disse...

Time is mysterious thing I suppose )) Lovely earrings!

Ruby Clover disse...

you've just finished , you'll slowly get back into real life! I know I've said it a hundred times, but the similar gold ones i have are my very favorite earrings! ♥

Dina Fragola disse...

Doing nothing is fun too sometimes ;)
Great earrings!

ArtMind disse...

Ahha, time evaporates really quickly dear! Glad you can fill it with more creative things now. :)

JK disse...

Time runs faster than we do, it's a fact:)