quinta-feira, 27 de maio de 2010

*Plim, *Plim *

*plim, plim* é o que a Ana Raimundo, fricdementol, gosta de espalhar pelo mundo. São pózinhos mágicos, cheios de boas energias! E resulta!
A Ana é das minhas artistas preferidas de todos os tempos, e já falámos dela aqui, lembram-se?
Pois já há uns dias (desculpa Ana, pela demora), recebi uma surpresa pelo correio....

*plim, plim* is what Ana Raimundo, fricdementol, likes to spread around the world. It's magical happy dust, filled with good vibes! And it works! Ana is one of my favorite artists of all times, and we met her a while ago, remember? Well, a few (a lot actually, sorry Ana) days ago I got a surprise on the mail from her...

A gorgeous postcard, a lavender sachet with my favorite illustration of hers and a MAGNIFICENT notebook! I love it!!!
Um postal lindo, uma almofadinha de lavanda com a minha ilustração preferida, e um magnifico caderno que adoro!

The Girl Who Knitted Love, perfect for me right? Look at the cute fabric on the back!
A Rapariga que tricotava amor, é perfeito para mim, não é? Olhem só para o tecido fofo que tem na parte de trás

Adoro estas novas ilustrações dela
Love her new designs...

Que sortuda que sou!!! Obrigada Ana :)
How lucky Am I? Thank you Ana!

quarta-feira, 12 de maio de 2010

Spring Fairy

So I was having a great day on the train trip (I will tell you about that), after some blue days I was having lately and I got back home to find this huge box waiting for me.
OMG, I said. It's my Secret Spring Fairy. And I recognized the sticker and the handwriting on it.
It was nonetheless, my favorite Etsy seller of all times, ArtMind.
She wasn't a fairy, she was a super generous amazing fairy! You wont believe what I got!!
Everything was so nicely wrapped, and sorry, opened everything first and took the photos later, it was getting dark when I opened it.
When I read her note, I knew something amazing was coming up. Just couldn't even imagine how amazing it was..

She sent me 4 (!!!) sets of 6 cards. One is gone, since I'm planning to share them with my friends, and send the rest of these by snail mail :)
That cute coral brooch is the most amazing brooch I ever owned. Seriously. I adore it!
She has an amazing collaboration with LilaRubyKing, go check it out.
She also sent me chocolates, and I ate some already and gave one to a friend.

Here's a closeup of the amazing brooch I got.
Mitsy and Anna have some similar jewelry on LilaRubyKing's shop.

I would be super happy with these gifts, but if you knew Mitsy, you'd know that she doesn't know how to stop!

A set of three babushka magnets (cute cute cute!)
A Felt bird
Happy girls! (I just gave one to a friend, I feel I must share them)
A cute pin with one of her Feelings

Oh how I love these.
These are super amazing. They're herb tags! Not sure it's how it's called, but I always wanted an herb "garden" and these are the perfect reason to start one!

And.. the Belgium Beer. This is a private "joke" we have between us and I'm saving it to celebrate some exciting news I have to share with you soon!

But then.. I saw a green package and I knew. I just knew what it was.

Courage. This just gave me goosebumps all over my skin.
Mitsy gave me Hurt when we first met in Aveiro, last October, and this one was my second favorite.
She gave me courage. Oh and how I need it!

Here it is, next to his cousin Hurt.

I couldn't be more happy with my Spring Fairy. She really outdone herself and I'm so touched by her package. She's an amazing person, I tell you!
Go check her shop, her blog and follow her on twitter too.

Thank you Mitsy! You made my.. year! And thank you Judit (our awesome swap organizer) for pairing me with her!

sábado, 8 de maio de 2010


I've been a bad bad girl, I have not been posting, but worst, I have SO MUCH TO TELL.
You'll have to wait for the result of the nanouke vs. new camera battle of taking out the photos from that thing.

But until then, please know that I have an amazing package I got in the mail to show you, I have pictures from a train trip (were I taught how to knit) to show you and I've been to another craft fair last week. I might show you that as well. But no pictures, no fun. Stupid camera.

I do have 2 things to tell you: I was featured in Xenotees Blog and on the Daily Favorites from Papernstitch (yay)!

And I've been in a very good mood for the last 2 days! Finally! I guess the black cloud is leaving.
Promise I'll update you soon, OK?