sábado, 8 de maio de 2010


I've been a bad bad girl, I have not been posting, but worst, I have SO MUCH TO TELL.
You'll have to wait for the result of the nanouke vs. new camera battle of taking out the photos from that thing.

But until then, please know that I have an amazing package I got in the mail to show you, I have pictures from a train trip (were I taught how to knit) to show you and I've been to another craft fair last week. I might show you that as well. But no pictures, no fun. Stupid camera.

I do have 2 things to tell you: I was featured in Xenotees Blog and on the Daily Favorites from Papernstitch (yay)!

And I've been in a very good mood for the last 2 days! Finally! I guess the black cloud is leaving.
Promise I'll update you soon, OK?

2 comentários:

L'Indécise disse...

I am concerned too about those days when you don't blog and have too much to say... ;) lol

ArtMind disse...

Congrats on the features, sweet!
Can't wait to celebrate all the happy with you! :)