quinta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2011

Dress Me Up Scotty

This *clever* title just reminds me, I'm all finished with Battlestar Galactica. Yup, watched the entire 4 seasons in 2 months. Maybe that's were my time has been...

This was just a quick geek note.

I really wanted to tell you about dresses. Today I woke up to another glorious sunny day! I can feel the Spring coming and I'm so excited by it, I even though of buying peep toe shoes today (I spotted an amazing pair on a window while getting to work).
It's still cold, no way 'm going to wear peep toe shoes until maybe May. But a girl dreams!

I'm really interested on dresses lately. I realized that now that I don't work at a factory, I actually can come to work in a dress!

I've been lurking on these lately:

This one looks so light and feminine!
Dress or Tunic in Linen, by isabelamyo, $135

Two dresses from Nadinoo, they have this vintage look on them. I love both!
The pink one is $205 and the blue one is $220.

Another etsy seller that has been taunting me is Cristina Pires.
Love these two casual dresses from her:
True Colors Dress - Grey, Yellow and White, €100
Eva Dress, €90

But this one is just stunning:

A Cygnus dress! How clever! €100

I'm not a big fan of long dresses, but this one I'd wear:

Wishful Organic Cotton Maxi Dress, by GinaMicheleEco, $89

Now I just wished my bank account would follow my dress needs. *sigh*

7 comentários:

Dina Fragola disse...

I LOVE dresses too...great selection here!

ingermaaike disse...

Great collection of dresses, I too love to wear them :)
In fact that is what I mostly wear, even when tracking through the wilderness here :D

kraplap disse...

great dresses ! I would love to wear dresses too, but I always look "huge" (not in height, but in width) in them ....

DemyBlackDesign disse...

I love the long one!!!!! Even though right now I wear jeans more often )))

L'Indécise disse...

Hmmm...cool selection:)
gotta check those shops,
thanks for sharing!

Star of the East disse...

Fabulous dresses!

aegeansea disse...

wow, such beautiful & unique selections! I need several of these!