sábado, 27 de setembro de 2008

Lista de Natal

Já ando a pensar nas prendas de Natal.
Não são muitas, a minha família é pequenina e acabo por estender as ofertas às minhas colegas de trabalho e pouco mais. Mas é divertido ir procurando, pensando, e este ano penso mesmo que vou oferecer handmade a toda a gente.

Aqui vai uma pequena selecção do que me chamou à atenção, para oferecer e, quem sabe, para mim :)

I'm thinking about Christmas already. I don't have much gifts to buy, I have a small family and I'd be giving presents only to my co-workers and family, maybe a few friends too. But it's so much fun to browse, and this year I'm really going for handmade gifts. So, here you have a small selection of things that capture my attention, to give as a gift or, who knows, to keep for myself :)

Fork Easel, by WhimsyLove
Great gift for a co-worker or friend.
These forks can hold pictures, I love them.

Standing Tall, by


I think my sister would love this print.
You could frame it with a very nice frame that goes with the decoration.

Mint Green and Light Blue Wristwarmers, by KnitMit
I love all her wristwarmers, they're fun and cool.

Set of Four Cobalt blue and Red Bowls, by utilemud
I love pottery and I love this seller, these are my favorites.

Pink Sugar Whippend Body Frosting, by CozyMoments
Bath and Beauty products are in my x-mas list this year.
This looks good enough to eat!
Makes a perfect guift for a friend, co-worker, mom, myself...

Jumbo Recycled Crayons, by ButterflyBrain
These are awesome. Perfect gift for a child.
Thinking of buying them for my niece.

11 comentários:

Tina disse...

Great gift ideas! It's fun browsing Etsy for gifts, isn't it.

Star of the East disse...

Fun findings, good luck with shopping ;)

ArtMind disse...

I love the print too & the pottery is SO pretty! Good tast you have! If I was a child (still am in a way) I'd definately freak out on those crayons! :)

Heli disse...

Those ceramic bowls are so pretty! Nice glaze!

Kreativlink disse...

To bad I'm not on your "people to buy presents for" list. :)

creationsbyeve disse...

lovely picks all!!!

Carol Dean disse...

I'm lusting for those wristwarmers now! Thanks for sharing these great selections, Ana! :)

Ravenhill disse...

Thank you for sharing such lovely finds!

RunAliceRun disse...

You have such good taste!

ingermaaike disse...

Great collection!
I tagged you..http://www.ingermaaike.nl

ingermaaike disse...

I love the crayons!