quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2008


Tenho dito para mim, principalmente nestes dias solarengos (mas mais frios) que temos tido por terras lusas, que o Outono não é assim tão mau.
É quase uma Primavera, so que antecede o Inverno em vez do Verão.
Confesso que não gosto de frio, mas o que me incomoda mesmo no Inverno são os dias curtos, a falta de luz. Eu acho que tiro a minha energia do sol...

Mas, para mostrar que não estou ressentida com o Outono, mostro-vos uma pulseira verdadeiramente Outonal que me foi encomendada este Sábado.
Já não fazia este modelo há algum tempo e confesso que gostei muito da combinação do verde garrafa com o castanho.

I've been telling myself, specially in these latelly sunny days we've been having here in Portugal, that Autumn is not that bad after all..
It's almost like Spring, but antecipating Winter instead of Summer.
I confess I don't like the cold, but what really bothers me is the lack of sunlight, I guess I get my energy from the sun...

But, to show you I don't resent Autumn, I'm showing you a Autumnal custom bracelet a customer ordered from me last Saturday.
I'ts been a while since I last made this model and I must say I really like the combination of bottle green with the brown.

And.. I've been tagged with the thingy everyone has been blogging about!

I have to tell you 7 random interesting things about me...
Shall I start?

1) I really really dispise cheese. I don't even know if I like it or not, I can't eat it, smell it, it's repulsive to me.

2) I'm a clutter person. I live in chaos, and not because I like it, but because I can't get myself to be more organized. It drives my parents crazy.

3) It's really easy to make me cry. I'm extra sensitive about everything.

4) I used to pretend I was talking on the phone when I saw someone I didn't want to talk to. I don't do that anymore, I learned to be less cynic.

5) Knitting is my favorite thing in the world, a part of me would die if I couldn't do it anymore.

6) I like to do little good things to people I don't know, it's good for the karma and it makes me feel good.

7) I'm always barefoot at home, and I would walk barefoot everyday if I wasn't afraid of hurting my feet with something.

Now I have to tagg 7 people!
So I'd love to learn more about:
Madame Tricot

7 comentários:

Kreativlink disse...

I can relate to that clutter thing! :)

elleabelle disse...

I cannot relate to the clutter thing! I have to have things very neat and organized or I go crazy!

ingermaaike disse...

Amazing how alike we are..clutter,cry,barefoot,random friendly acts...well all of them really.
Thanks so much for playing and showing me a bit of yourself :-D

Star of the East disse...

I can very much relate to the cheese thing and crying :S Great facts:)

glasfaden disse...

We are so much a like in many points, but cheese (I love cheese :)) and knitting (I'm such a slow knitter - it's frustrating) :)

ArtMind disse...

Haha, I can realte to some of those facts too! :)

RunAliceRun disse...

I didn't know you tagged me!! I was going to tag you! Thanks!!