sexta-feira, 29 de julho de 2011

So, I lied, but you love me anyway.

A week ago I told you I was going to show you the next day *ahem* my little bow rings, a brand new item at my shop.
I had them made, but no photos.
So, I lied. 
But I have the photos now, so don't hate me.

I made two, one in chartreuse (lime green) and the other in orange/copperish/goldish color.
I love them.
The orange is available at my etsy shop already, I'll list the green one later today. 
I actually decided the colors I'm going to use as a base for my Fall Collection!

Bottle Green, gold/orange and lime green! I love these three together and I wonder if they're trendy this fall..
I may add purple to this combination!
Oh and I wish there was opaque grey copper wire... Grey and purple with these three.. it seems so right to me.

I have a photo of another new item, the first of my Fall Collection!
A long brooch, perfect for cardigans and winter coats:

So now you can stop being mad to me for not showing you anything new lately.
But I'm not done, no I'm not.
I have finished another brooch this morning, on the bus. But That one I'm saving for later :)

Also, I remind you about the challenge I gave you, what can you catch with a net? You can still participate!

Have a nice weekend everyone!