quinta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2011

The importance of being nice

This is very important, what I'm about to say. And you may know this, and sometimes forget about it.
Every time you wear your company or brand's logo, you are representing that brand or company.

So today I went to the supermarket because I was hungry. It's cheaper to buy a croissant at the supermarket instead of buying it at a pastry shop.
I had one item and the correct change on my hand.
A lady, wearing an apron with a pastry shop's logo, pass right in front of me, towards the cashier, with about 20 items.
We stood there about 5 minutes and she didn't offer me to pass with my one item and correct change.
She was rude enough to almost run at the cashier and even after she noticed I would take 30 seconds, she did nothing.
I always offer people to pass in these situations, but never ask myself. I don't mind the waiting. But it feels nice to be polite, don't you think?

Well, what I wanted to say about this is that I will never go to the pastry shop she owns (I figured she was the boss because of a conversation she had with the cashier guy).
And the shop is near the place I work, so i could have gone there someday, but now I wont.

So remember this, if you are going to be rude, make sure you're not wearing your company's logo. You may lose a costumer for ever.

2 comentários:

ArtMind disse...

When I biked home from work yesterday, I forgot to take off my work badge and remembered your story! LOL But I think I'm not that mean as the pastry lady! LOL :)

Amg-Arts disse...

Oh so very true! I was in the queue the other day about to buy two packets of tulip bulbs and a lovely lady in front of me with a big shopping trolley let me go first, and I always do the same.