quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2011

No photos if you want to leave, leave now

I told you a couple of days ago I had this amazing idea when coming to work, for a project.
I tried it yesterday and it didn't work.
Well, it was a nice try even so.
No pictures because it was night time and as you know, I'm a little lazy lizard.
But after my fail, I tried another thing I was thinking about, little knitted wire bows to use as rings.
Oh my they look so cute! I have yet to attach them to the ring bases, photograph those cuties and list them. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures to the work in process, so sorry about that.
Come back tomorrow and I'll show you!

1 comentário:

JK disse...

I'm curious for your rings :) I love what you are able to do with those lovely colored thin wires. I hope your summer is going well, not too hot. Here it feels like fall:(