terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2011

Today's finds and a dark cloud

Hello everyone! Hello dark cloud that floats over my head!

I've been having a bad month. Let me rephrase it, everybody is having a bad month, since most of the bad things that happened this month, weren't even to me. But to people I love.
I was sick last week, so bare with my silence.

Today I want to share with you some beautiful pieces of Summer clothing and accessories. You can click on the items to go directly to the shop.

And this is it for today!

2 comentários:

ingermaaike disse...

A beautiful selection, pretty enough to cheer the darkest of moods to be sure!

I will go to the coppermine again and make pretty pictures for you :-)

Anónimo disse...

ola titia sou eu a beatriz é só para te dizer que adorei o teu site!!!!!!!!!!!!