segunda-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2011

I'm back!

Hi everybody, it has been really a long long time since my last post. Actually, I've been a little "disconnected" from life.
For the last 5 months, I've been writing my thesis and that took a big part of my life.
I'm all done now. Can you believe it? All mastered in Mining Engineering :)
I had to go and look for that first post...

I have a lot og goodies to list and show you, the weather haven't been helping (cloudy and dark), but I'll be listing new things this week.
Here's a peek ;)

Happy New Year!

5 comentários:

APO (Bem-Trapilho) disse...

great to have you back! Happy new year! :)

Ruby Clover disse...

welcome back, busy bee!!! ♥♥♥

Nancy van den Boom disse...

Happy New Year, and congratz on your thesis! Good you are back here too!

ArtMind disse...

YAY! Congrats smart girl! You must be so relieved you have finished it all! I want to celebrate with you *passes a Belgian beer* Enjoy! :)

Kreativlink disse...

Congrats Mining Master Mole!! Wohooo! Well done girl! :)