quinta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2008

Weekend Special!

I'm having a sale!!
This weekend only, starting tomorrow and ending Monday, you'll have 10% off on ALL MY ITEMS! The discount doesn't include shipping.
Just pay and wait for the refund , or if you rather receive the revised invoice from paypal, add that to notes to seller.

But... I have a surprise for you, my dear blog readers!
If you buy the pieces above on this weekend, you'll have... a 30% discount! Just add "blog special" to notes to seller!!!

Have a wonderful shopping spree everyone!

5 comentários:

matchstickgirl disse...

carumba .... !!! that is a good discount !!!

shouldnt you be studying ...

*eyebrow raised

ingermaaike disse...

That is a big discount!!
Good luck, hope you sell loads :-D

Star of the East disse...

Hope you sell your shop empty :)

Ravenhill disse...

Wow, you are a sweet shop aren't you! You certainly treat your readers well! Good luck on the sale!

Marian disse...

great stuff for sale!! good luck with it!
If I manage to update my blog these days, I will let people know too...!