segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

Autumnal Love

Hello everybody!

Happy Autumn for all of you that like this kind of weather. I kind of like Autumn, but the days keep getting smaller and smaller, and that always makes me sad.

I have some good news and bad news!

At the beggining of the month I got to have a week vacations (yay!) and I went to the beach! It was so nice! The beach all for ourselves and the weather... yummy.
We slept at a place with a natural pool, it was weird at the beggining to go into the water, but it was so nice and beautiful!

But now it's rainy and kind of cold, so... bubye Summer I guess!

No, no bubye Summer at all! Because in a couple of weeks I get to go to the South Hemisphere again!!! I'm so excited to go back :) And after I come back I have some more traveling to do, but I'll tell you about that later...

(and that's the good news)

The bad news are that because of the incredible amount of work I have now (and for the last year I guess) I don't have a lot of new stuff to show you! I have this idea for a Winter collection but I need some new beads and I haven't got the time to go look for them....
I even have some items I haven't got time to photograph yet!! Can you believe it?

This is the latest of them, a very Autumnly choker:

Keep warm and I'll be seeing you! :)

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