quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2011

My mind is...

Past 6 o'clock.
I don't feel like working anymore.
You know what I wish I was doing?
Imperial e tremoços (do you need a translation?)
No one to keep me company though.

So hey, have you been peeking my new Summer collection?
I listed a necklace today. I wish I had someone to model for me. At lunch I couldn't stop looking at my friend's cleavages. They all seemed to go to work today with no skin showing.
Maybe tomorrow :)
I ended up taking photos to myself (not good, but it could be worse I guess):

Once again, I really really wanted to translate this one to Portuguese, but I'm still lazy. To all you Portuguese speakers out there, look at this as an opportunity to practice your English.

2 comentários:

Ruby Clover disse...

ha! tell them to wear low cut blouses tomorrow and they'll be famous :) that beer looks good

Ruby Clover disse...

what's those little corn nut lookin things on the plate anyway?