sexta-feira, 20 de maio de 2011


I have been reading a Paul Auster book, Sunset Park. I have heard about Auster for some time now, but although I was curious, I'm a second hand book kind of girl, and I never saw Paul Auster's books on book fairs.
A friend lend it to me and what a good thing she did. I am loving it. It is touching me profoundly and I'm almost done with it and find myself searching for second hand Auster in the usual sites I search for old books.

Last night, before I went to sleep, I read this:
" wounds are an essential part of life, and until you are wounded in some way, you cannot become a man."

Made me think about ArtMind's mini-feeling you see above.
As I told you, she gave me one, when we first met almost two years ago. It has a very special meaning to me.
I like to look at it and remember all the hurt and pain that I had in my life that are part of what I am today.
Time heals. You almost never forget. But you forgive (others and yourself). And I like to remind myself of that.

That's why I also like to look at this one (that I also own):

The scars are there to remind me how far I come.

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Sandra Rosa disse...

è verdade, por muito difícil que seja tudo se ultrapassa, e são os obstáculos e dificuldades da vida, que nos fazer crescer!
Fiquei curiosa em relação ao livro :)

Acho uma boa ideia começar a ler em inglês para ver se esqueço de uma vez por todas o tradutor do google :)

E as peças da Artmind são absolutamente maravilhosas! Adoro

Bom fim de semana e boas leituras!

Kreativlink disse...

Oh dear, I too have two of Mitsys feelings. "Hurt" and "Free" and yes, they also mean a lot to me.