segunda-feira, 4 de abril de 2011

Happy Weekend

Hello everyone, hope you had a happy weekend!
Mine was rainy. But I did have a few rays of sunshine!

One of them was to get home to the watercolor I won on a giveaway that Elsita was having on her blog. Elsita was one of the first etsy shops I found. I love her work, and I read her blog almost everyday. She's an amazing person and she inspires me to be good and positive.
So winning this giveaway was really a happy moment for me!

I got this amazing watercolor! It's so beautiful and special! I love it!

I had some tea with two friends at an amazing tea room called Casa Avó Gama (where I actually used to work 5 years ago) and took the pictures there.

I'm so lucky! Thank you Elsa!

And please, also, if you have the time, check our Etsy PTTeam (Portuguese team) blog, fricdementol is showing off her favorite Portuguese handmade possession!

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Ruby Clover disse...

That is an adorable watercolor and how cool that you won it from one of your favorite shops!! I LOVE the little tea shop too, so quaint. They have some empty space on those shelves though, maybe they should let artisans feature their handmade goods there ;) xxx