quinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2008


Quando apareci na última feira com este anel, a minha companheira de feiras disse-me:
"Fazes coisas tão estranhas!".
Eu sei que ele é estranho, aliás, quando enclausurei a conta no arame turquesa a intenção era fazer um anel, mas depois achei que ficaria demasiado grande. Andei com a conta no bolso umas horas e, no dia seguinte, olhei para ela e percebi mesmo que tinha de ser um anel.
Podem odiá-lo ou amá-lo, mas este anelito não passa despercebido em lado nenhum!

When I arrived to my last craft fair with this ring, my friend told me:
"You always make the strangest things!"
I know its weird, when I wrapped the big orange bead in the turquoise knitted wire, my first thought was making a ring. Then I thought it may look a little too big.
I put it in my pocket and thought about it all day. After I woke up, hours before the fair, I just knew it had to be a ring.
You can hate it, or love it. But this baby wont get by unnoticed!

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RunAliceRun disse...

You need a certain personality for this ring, that's for sure!! It looks beautiful on you!

guiga disse...

Acho-o genial!
Está à venda?!
Beijocas *.*

ArtMind disse...

I love it! But I don't wear jewelry I'm afraid! But Alice is right: it sure looks great on you! :)

ana carina disse...

Thank you Alice and Mitsy! I don't wear rings.. but I like it :)

Guiga, sim, está para venda :)*

Marian disse...

I think it is fantastic. I like big bold colorful creations. People keep telling me that what i make is full of bright colors, lively and happy. And, i dont know if it is precisely a pure reflection of me, but I could never be a gray/monochromatic type of person.
This ring is gorgeous...


Sandra Evertson disse...


sara aires disse...

É lindo, mesmo a lembrar o Verão.
Obrigada pelo "link amigo", é uma honra!

Dina disse...

It looks really nice! It reminds me of orange sorbet :) mmm