terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2008

EST Summer Challenge

Yay! I was the winner of last week European Street Team Purple Challenge!
That means that this week I'm the Boss :)

So I picked this week theme, which is Summer! I don't know what Summer means to you, but I hope you feel inspired by it and create something new and beautiful!
Remember, one entry per person!

You can post the new Summer listing here, or convo me at Etsy with it. I'll update this entry with your new Summery items!

The deadline is Monday, until midnight (my midnight - that means Lisbon and London time).
First thing Tuesday I'll randomly pick a winner of the challenge. This person will be the next week boss for the challenge!

After that, I'll create a poll so you can choose the item you like best and send a surprise gift, handmade by me, to the most voted!

I will update the entries as I get them:

And the (random generated) winner is:

Congrats dear!!!

20 comentários:

Meltem disse...

Great idea nanouke, i like this.

StaroftheEast disse...

Yaaay for summer :)
shall make something soon!

kraplap disse...

summer it is and it will be ! shall think what to make ! and lovely surprise nanouke !

Kreativlink disse...

YEAH! New challenge! I can't wait to see all the new entries!
And this time there even is something real to win, great! :)

Greet disse...

Wow, this is even more motivating!
Great new theme, Anouke!!!!

birribe disse...

Summer thats a great theme.look forward to see all creations

vadjutka disse...

this is my item for the challenge:

judit / vadjutka :-)

Burroparda disse...

Nice theme Nanouke!
This is my entry: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=13779792

Mitsy / ArtMind disse...

Super boss and a super theme! YAY! Congrats for winning the challenge, Nanouke! I'll try my hardest to enter this one! :)

creationsbyeve disse...

congratulations nanouke!
summer is a great theme!

Anónimo disse...

summer is a great theme! congrats on winning :) i'll make sure i'll be on time for this weekly challenge :D

ixela disse...

Great theme Nanouke... hope to be able to finsh my new item for the challenge in time!!!
I can't wait to see all the wonderful new creations!!!

Anónimo disse...

My item:

Meltem disse...

I just listed my item this earrings


ameninabrinca disse...

They look wonderful togheter!

Amanda Yu disse...

Thanks nanouke for hosting this week with this great title!
This is my piece of challenge

susan holland disse...

Hi, this is my item.

Anna's Jewels disse...

Hi nanouke, you forgot to include my item

there you go anyway


they all look fab!

Littlellama disse...

So many lovely entries!!

TanyaMac disse...

Hi Nanouke!!!

I'm running in to play at the last minute - better late than never! :)
(11.48pm here in Ireland)

Here's my item....

thankyou! Tx! :) *